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Unprofessionalism in Indian IT profession

posted Sep 10, 2014, 1:33 AM by Alok Roy

After long time involvement in IT sector I can explain what I had seen. May be many of you disagree with me, but I am sure majority of person will agree.
Firstly, I am definitely my own definition of the profession and professionalism.
Profession: As per my opinion profession is another name of the occupation. A barber is a professional. A plumber is a professional. Similarly an IT professional is a software developer. A professional give his service to earn some money.
All companies have certain rule and regulation to control and squeeze their employee. They have also certain benefit policies for their employee. But if you ask them what do you mean by professionalism everyone will answer differently. Why a single word has a different explanation. You can easily categorize them based upon their position and department. If they are senior executives than their facial expression and explanation will be very interesting. Maybe you will laugh.
By the name of professionalism a "Bandhua Mazdoori" system has been implanted. Seniors always have some explanation in every situation.
They will assign tasks for Saturday/Sunday [They will explain why?]
They will order to stay late [They will explain why?]
They will make your life measurable [They will explain?]
They will make you out of project []
They will kick out from the company
Why IT professional are so miserable. Why there is no system of overwork allowance. Why Master/Slave culture is running.
Why Client generally from western countries behaving Indians like a mechanical instrument.
Why there is no balance between personal and professional life of juniors.
Why there is no transparency in work culture.
Why self-respect caring persons are crushed by their seniors.
Why lie methodology is implemented as a software development methodology
Why smart liar and story speaking person are getting more attention.