About Tripurte

Serving more than a decade in IT sector we decided to use IT Techniques to implement our vision. Lots of ideas hovering many of them already existed. Existed theories add confidence and also make ground for the progress. These days our organization is in the beginning phase. we are practicing existed theories. We are sure a day will come when your analysis will give some extra marks to our effort.
In day to day business we are forgetting ethics and moral value. We are saying world is progressing but at the same time we are loosing something. Anyway this lose is impacting both individual and society.
Our approach is to combine both moral/ethics and progress.

Why Tripurte
- As a Software Service Provider we committed for Quality, Timeliness, Transparent and honest in all business deals.
- As a Software Product Developing Enterprise Our commitments for Reliable, Cost effective and acceptable products.
- As a Software Trainer we committed for Actual learning, More Practical[WFH] and Corporate based qualitative work.

We are rehearsing same notes which already had played by many but my vision is different. In this phase we are covering IT Products, IT Training,  World Class Sites and IT Services. We are sure our honest approach will add new path. We are focusing on following building blocks.

IT Products
- Online based product
- Health/Insurance
- Travel
- Non Commercial
IT Training
We initiated Training program for both fresher's and working professionals. In first phase we started online training on various technologies. Our approach is to feed based on corporate need.
World Class sites
Our plan is to develop authentic and socially acceptable sites.Our approach will give options to the genuine and descent users.
IT Services
We are developing Software projects based upon client requirements.

Technologies: Asp.net, C#,SQL, Reports, SharePoint Agile, Waterfall, Hybrid etc.