- ASP and ASP.NET WebForms
-One ASP.NET in VS 2013
-Web Standards and REST
-JavaScript and Ajax
-The MVC Design Pattern
-Unit Testing
-Managing Dependencies
ASP.NET MVC Architecture
-ASP.NET Platform
-Controllers, Models, and Views
-URL Routing
-Controller Actions
-Razor View Engine
Defining the Model
-Persistence Ignorance
-Repository Pattern
-Object Relational Mapping (ORM)
   II-Entity Framework 6
-Using an IoC Container
Routes and URLs
-Introduction to Routing
-Defining Routes
-Route Evaluation
-The Controller Factory
-Exempting URLs
-Constructing Outgoing URLs
-Unit Testing Routes
Controllers and Actions
-IController, ControllerBase, and Controller
-Defining Actions
-Action Selectors
-Action Filters
-HTTP Verbs
-HttpContext and RouteData
-Maintaining Testability
-Returning Data with ActionResult
-Parameters and the Model Binder
-Asynchronous Action Methods
-View Engines
-Templates and Scaffolding
-Bootstrap Framework
-Razor Syntax
-ViewData and ViewBag
-Strongly-Typed Views
-Layout Pages
-Custom Sections
-Partial Views
-Child Actions
-Using a ViewModel Object
HTML Helpers
-Basic Helpers
-Strongly-Typed Helpers
-Creating Custom Helpers
-Declarative Helpers
Data Validation
-Data Annotations
-Validation HTML Helpers
-Client Side Validation
Authentication and Authorization
-ASP.NET Identity
-Using Windows Authentication
-Building a Custom Account Controller
-Configuring Forms Authentication
-Using the Authorize Attribute
-Authentication Filters
-OAuth2 and OpenID
-Controller Actions for Ajax
-Ajax Helpers
-Unobtrusive Ajax
-Ajax with jQuery
Web API 2
-Using HTTP as an Application Protocol
-Content Negotiation
-Attribute Routing
-Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)
-Open Web Interface for .NET (OWIN)
-Web API OData
Building a Rich Client-Side UI
-jQuery UI
-jQuery Templates
Mobile Clients
-CSS 3 Media Queries
-Responsive vs. Adaptive
-Mobile-Specific Views
-Using a View Switcher
Customizing and Extending ASP.NET MVC
-ASP.NET MVC Pipeline
-Advanced Routing
-Custom Global Filters
-Customizing MVC Code Templates
-Creating a Custom Controller Factory
-Server Requirements
-Configuration Options
Duration: 80 Hours[Online]-2 Weeks| Cost: 15,000[INR]

WCF Essentials 
-What is WCF?
-Address, Binding and Contract
-WCF Services and Clients
-WCF Service Libraries
-WCF Test Host and Test Client
-WCF Clients
-Channel Factories
-Creating Proxies
-Configuration Files
-Configuration Improvements in VS 2012/2013
-Standard Endpoints
-WCF Architecture
Addresses and Bindings
-Message Exchange Patterns
-Configuring Bindings
-Interoperating with ASMX Web Services
-Default Endpoints and Bindings
-Service Descriptions
-Multiple Endpoints
-New UDP Binding
-New Message Compression Options
Service Contracts
-Defining Service Contracts
-Defining Operation Contracts
-Services with Multiple Contracts
-Contract Inheritance
-Operation Overloading
Instance Management
-Using Per-Call Services
-Using Per-Session Services
-Using Singleton Services
-Configuring Behaviors
-New Async Proxy Methods
Data Contracts
-Implementing Data Contracts
-Mapping Data Contracts to XSD Schema
-Arrays and Generic Collections
-Versioning Data Contracts
More about Service Contracts
-Versioning Service Contracts
-Implementing Message Exchange Patterns
-One-way Contracts
-Duplex Contracts
-Asynchronous Proxies
Handling Errors
-Faults and Exceptions
-Generating and Handling Faults
-Fault Contracts
-Faults and Sessions
WCF Security
-Security Aspects of Services
-Transport Security
-Message Security
-Web API vs. WCF
Duration: 50 Hours[Online]-2 Weeks| Cost: 15,000[INR]